Go With The Flow…

I must admit it has taken me some time to adapt the Italian mentality of “non ti preocupare…tutto posto“, but I will say that the sooner you are able to the better your travelling experiences will be.

Basically, what I mean is that the beauty of travelling is things don’t always go as planned — but that’s OK!  Those are the times that you will learn the most about how to get yourself out of less than ideal situations.  And believe it or not, those are the memories that you will look back on and laugh about with your friends.

Quick example.  My best friend and I didn’t quite grasp the bus system in Florence at first and often got “free tours” of the city.  Instead of simply realizing that you need to go in the opposite direction that you came in order to go home, a short 10 minute ride quickly became an hour long excursion.

Enjoy and embrace the moments that things don’t go exactly as you meant them to…non ti preocupare, tutto posto.  I promise, you’ll be laughing about it later. 🙂


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